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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 12, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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at least the sense of irony would not be lost. that's my "2 cents more" and that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. don't forget to record a show if you cannot catch us live. have a great night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. thanks for turning as. the so-called gang of aid has reached a deal on so-called immigration reform legislation in the tells us slowly being an elite doubt. the group was for democratic and four republican senators set to unveil a bill next week on tuesday, just one day ahead of the only scheduled hearing on immigration legislation that senator patrick leahy has his way. the few details that have emerged tonight are, i must say, encouraging, but is far too early in the details are far too few to make any assessment. here is what we do know. a senate aide says the bill
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would bar anyone who arrived in this country after december it -- december 301st 2011 from applying for legal status or citizenship. applicants would have to document their arrival in the united states. there would have to show proof of a clean criminal record and also provide documentation of and of employment and financial stability that would assure authorities that they would not be on public assistance programs of any kind. fox news setting another aide confirming of the legislation would call for surveillance of 100 percent of the southern border. apprehension of 90 percent of those trying to cross and designated so-called high-risk areas. how these provisions were being enforced is still not known. center marco rubio has offered himself up as the public face of legislation, which is in and of itself encouraging for conservatives, especially in
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media push this weekend that will see him appear on all major networks outlining a major details of the steel. many republicans are still was sold. senior judiciary committee says he is not confident that of course there will be taken seriously. senator sessions in a statement said it is likely millions of current and future illegal immigrants who are not administrative priorities will benefit from this amnesty regardless of whether they meet the gangs criteria, that is why it is so essential that these important issues be worked out first. judiciary committee chairman of vermont holding a one and only scheduled immigration hearing next wednesday. we will see whether that is the only hearing. secretary of state warning north korea that a missile launch this
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weekend would be, as he put it, a huge mistake by walking back intelligence that had been leaked in a congressional hearing yesterday the secretary indicating north korea may have some capability to accept ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has our report. >> reporter: as president obama and his national security team race for a possible nuclear test by north korea this weekend, white house officials said they were scrambling to reassure the american public they do not believe he has nuclear-weapons that are ready for use. >> it is our assessment that north korea has not demonstrated the capability to deploy nuclear armed missile. >> reporter: that came after a shocking exchange late thursday at a congressional hearing one republican congressman question of the joint chiefs chairman about part of the defense intelligence agency assessment. >> quoting from the and classified portion, which i believe has not yet been made public, they say dia assesses
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with moderate confidence the north currently has nuclear-weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles, however the reliability well below. would you agree with that assessment? >> congressman, with the number of caveat you put on the front end of this, not going to -- i can't touch that one because i'm not sure now. it has not been released. so that is specified in some of it is unclassified. >> reporter: a declaration immediately set off alarm bells. there was confusion about what was unclassified. so the director of national intelligence had to do some quick damage control declaring in a statement, north korea has not yet demonstrated the full range of capabilities necessary for nuclear armed missile. as the white house has ramped up missile defense and made other moves to protect against a possible attack of some sort of a mockery of the house and
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republican critics are charging the administration is not paying nearly enough attention to iran. >> is clearly a problem, but the rate is the immediate threat. it is kind of like if your house is on fire and you : 11, you want the firemen to come to your house since around it, not your neighbor's house and wait for it to burn down. >> reporter: white house officials of it was on the top of his agenda on his trip to israel last month. >> i would simply say that we have not taken the focus off. >> reporter: defense secretary suggesting that they are pretty equal threats. he noted neither has nuclear-weapons, but both are trying and will succeed and which is why he said this is a very dangerous situation. but. lou: thank you. in the democratic party's stir for more taxes shows more bounce for the state of maryland led by democratic governor ann will impose these so-called green tax the law, which goes into effect the first of july taxes maryland
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residents for the square footage of services on their property because reeves, driveways, and patio's prevent water from seeping back into the ground. fox news washington correspondent is on the story for us. this sounds like it is going to affect just about everybody in maryland. >> mostly. you know, it affects their lenders who live in one of the state's nine largest counties you also have, as you said, roof, driveway, patio of any kind of impervious surface that does not absorber and fall. those people will also have to pay the rent tax starting july 1st. these types of these are becoming more common, believe it cannot. cities in florida, texas, illinois, and other states and started levying them because the enormous protection agency imposes new limits on strong water runoff. some say the epa may not have the authority to do that, but maryland is pushing ahead to meet these new standards anyway.
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in the tax will cost the average homeowner anywhere between 50-$200 per year, and there is no escaping it. the state will use satellite imagery to determine your rain tax. >> a large shopping center. of the parking lot. the impervious sales tax will actually be more than the property taxes. so that leaves them with olive the option of trying to pass those costs along to their tenants, which means all our goods and services in the state of maryland will go up and cost. >> reporter: the tax will also have significant benefits far beyond the chesapeake bay itself, helping to clean rivers and other waterways that support local economies. some good advice for maryland homeowners. plant roxy on your roof. lou: taxed apparently, even if you do that. where does the money go? pay for your roof, driveway and everything else, or is that money go? how does the state use it?
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>> that is a long, complex question which i don't have the time to answer. lou: sorry about that. >> as gigantic black colt. it. lou: afraid that works. the black hole that is associated with nearly every form of government, every level of government. thank you so much, as always. fox news was named correspondent. the state department changing its story on the recent death of five americans in afghanistan. officials now say that 25- year-old diplomat and smelling hoff, three american soldiers, and the u.s. civilian government contractor or on foot when there were killed by a suicide bomber last saturday. the state department originally reported that the group was in an armored vehicle traveling to a book donation event at a local school when that car full of explosives rammed into their vehicle. a spokesman for the state department now denies that they
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misled reporters about the attack. the spokesman place the blame on initial reports by afghan television. but a reporter for the washington times says the administration's changing narrative has shades of benghazi. we will keep you posted. president obama was merciless with romney's tax rates. his is not much better. pitbull talk taxes. better control immigration and the budget. we're joined next. ♪ and those are my final four picks.
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♪ lou: ed klein is a best-selling author of the book, the amateur. steven haze of the wrigley
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standard will be joining us in a moment to tell us what they think about congress's apparent deal. it looks like at least a framework of a deal on immigration reform. and where we are with, of course, gun control. first, let's take a look at what happened today on wall street. a late day rally in the stock market to short of a total come back. the down flat on the session. s&p down four and a half, nasdaq down five. volume on the big board, at just over 3 billion shares for the week. adelle of 2% in the s&p 500 up slightly more. the nasdaq is the winner of the week of almost 3%. in the commodity market today, this is a big story. gold -- the price of gold is plunging. urged clients to abandon long plays and to go short in bill on wednesday. today gold settled down 63 and a half dollars per ounce. falling to prices that has not seen since july of 2011 and
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electronic trading. just selling off further. reports show a decline in demand pushing crude oil down a richard dollars today. it priced at 9129. in the credit markets and the ten year yield dropping closing out the week. a very substantial decline. more on the markets later. in turning back to capitol hill, skepticism over the gang of immigration deal as well as gun-control obviously. meanwhile, secretary of state kerrey is now in south korea downplaying the nuclear threat. joining us to assess all of this and much more, the author of the new york times best selling book, the amateur. to have you with this. senior writer for the weekly standard, fox news cantor reader. good to have you with us. let's start with the deal, we're going to seek marco rubio on weekend television a lot it sounds like to explain the deal.
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what is your initial reaction? >> well, i think there is still a lot that we don't know about this deal. you're talking about a bill that is thought to be over a thousand pages. you have different people characterizing it in different ways. i mean, different gang of eight members, different people who are putting this together, characterizing it into for ways. i think what he's trying to do is get out and shake the public perception of what is to be presented on tuesday in such a way that he can try to bring aboard some other republican senators and set the table for house republicans to come to this very skeptical of this kind of a deal. lou: your thoughts? >> i agree with what he just said. i think he is betting the farm on this. lou: you think this is a height breastplate from? >> if this does not work he can't play the conservative republicans to back this bill. as he just said, we don't even
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know what is in the bill exactly. he is toes as far as 2016 is concerned. lou: and mocks the details that have been leaked and how reliably we should lean against these facts. vestar with the fact that december 31st 2011 seems to be the cutoff date, steven, for those who would qualify for this amnesty program because it is about the citizenship. a certification of some sort that those illegal immigrants will not be dependent on the state, on the safety net. what is your reaction to at least those two elements? >> look, details matter so much. what kind of certification? what does that even mean? i am open -- lou: it does not mean that at the polish town of. >> the details matter. if we learned anything in washington over the last four years is that the details matter more than anything else.
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if you look at the health care bill, for instance, which was 22 pages. others a stack that is 7 feet tall. tens of thousands of pages. we are going to see additional rulemaking after the passage of the spill. these details on the certification on the certification of the border is closed, on, you know, guest workers, all of this stuff, details will matter. until we know that think it is a real problem to try to assess what is going on. i will say one last thing. the process on this seems to have been short circuit it. there was a push for lots of open hearings. often discussion and debate. it now looks like that is simply not going to happen. lou: what is his motivation to be out front on this? because, as you point out, this is high risk stuff. he is the darling of the republican party. this could end. >> if he doesn't get this through, just about it, the
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democrats would like to see all 11 million illegal immigrants turned into citizens as quickly as possible so that they will vote democratic because hispanics vote about 70 percent democrat. this is not in the interest of the republican party. they're not going to stand for instant or semi instant amnesty if that is what is in this bill. and in order to get four of the members of the gang of eight to go along the mall was the deal? we don't know yet. lou: gun control, i mean, most imperious david i have heard by a committee chairman and sometimes. there will be one. the way in which they are conducting themselves. this is imperious. this is nasty stuff as far as i'm concerned. not the way to run the american government.
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>> no. i think that is true. you know, again, going back over a wide range of issues. we have not had the kind of from public debate on these huge issues that we ought to have. i hope we're going to have one on the budget coming up because senate democrats finally submitted a budget. the president has his budget. republicans, of course, have passed one similar to the ones they have been of the past several years, said looks like we might have a real debate, but you're right. on integration we have not had much discussion, at least formal discussion. all of these negotiations have been taking place behind closed doors. guns, you know, who knows where that's going to may free we will have further debate and where it goes in the senate. i think it's still an open question. lou: well, we are in the fifth year of this presidency, first year of his second term. is he being as the amateur you covered in the first term? >> i think so. in fact, have you seen him
7:20 pm
demigod an issue more than he has demagogued this gun-control issue? he is saying that if you are against this gun-control bill that he would like to pass, this vast control, you are against saving children's lives. you're a bad person. is going all of the united states saying that. this is a kabuki theater because he knows very well this bill isn't going to pass the house. it can't. lou: thank you so much. we appreciate. >> thanks. lou: president obama imploring america to pay your fair share of taxes. what's wrong with the? and the "chalk talk," i will show you how the president's computes his taxes, your taxes, my taxes, and what is fair? it is all about fair. the man who stole the president's teleprompter has received a somewhat stiff
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sentence. "dobbs law" on the case next. ♪ @
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lou: coming up to tax time, and i'm supposed to tell you how i really enjoy paying taxes, and what a privilege, and how great it is to be an american and everything else, and it is. i love america, but i got to be honest, i hate taxes. i really hate taxes. i'm not going to sugar coat it. i hate paying taxes. i do it like every other american, nearly every other american, but i hate it, and adding insult to injury, tax day falls on monday this year, next monday, three days from now for any procrastinators out there, and i know i'm not alone in my contempt for taxes. a pugh research poll this week finds it's a love-hate relationship, a love-hate relationship. 56% of americans really hate
7:25 pm
taxes, and, well, they dislike it too. 5% love paying taxes. that's the love-hate relationship. who in their right mind loves paying taxes? they probably work for the irs for crying out loud and have to say that on a form or another. where does this dislike and hatred for taxes come from? probably not warranted, there's not so fun facts you probably don't know about taxes that lead you too to perhaps that them if you don't already. back in 1913, the tax code was 400 pages long, 400 pages. i mean, and that's gotten a little bigger. the tax code is now 73 -- ready?
7:26 pm
954 pages long. that's a lot, and you put each of the pages end to end, it stretches nearly 13 miles for crying out loud. the tax code is also complicated taking the average taxpayer 13 hours, 13 hours to fill it out and pay taxes. in fact, 60% of americans pay someone else to do the taxes because most of us, and i'm among them, can't figure out how to do it, and another fun fact, well, not so much follow-up, really, but remember when president obama slammed governor romney for having an effective tax rate of 14.1% last year? 14.1%, that scoundrel, that son
7:27 pm
of a gun, you heard about carrieded interest and all of that. well, the president and first lady released their tax returns today, and guess what? they didn't do a lot better. their effective tax rate for last year was 18.4%. my, my, my. that's not much of a difference there, is it? moral outrage and all that, i don't think you can build a case there because it's significantly lower -- the tax rate a significantly lower than warren buffet's secretary who got the attention last year. she's still paying 35.8% effective taxes. wow. my calculation is that the president and first lady, you know, i'm sure they're going to write a check for the difference between warren buffet's secretary and their tax rate.
7:28 pm
that's not right after giving governor romney all that trouble. i'm sure they'll pay that. we're getting the obamas are part of the 5% of americans who just love doing their taxes and are committed morally to, well, addressing that gap, 18 to 35.8. it won't amount to a lot of money, and now that you're aware of the fun facts, there is, of course, a reason for optimism. the tax foundation declared april 18th tax freedom day, when we all stop working for the government, paying property taxes, state tax, and we earn money for ourselves. up fortunately, that's five days later than last year, and next year, it's going to be even later, but what the heck, we love paying taxes; right? the president, obviously, loves props when he's talking, but he won't be doing the talking in the radio address this weekend.
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a good week for stocks, a lousy week for gold. gold in a lot of trouble. the courts declare illegal immigrant incompetent to stand trial after he's killed a man while driving drunk. that case and more in dobbs's law. we know a place where tossing and turning have
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the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. lou: a virginia man sentenced to seven years in prison for swiping the president's teleprompter, that's a steep sentence for stealing something the president seemingly can't do without, but the thief, 49-year-old eric brown, a career criminal, a suspect in a dozen truck theft, and prosecutors didn't realize he was stealing government property, even though the truck in which it was shipped had presidential seals all over it. an illegal immigrant allegedly driving drunk when he hit and killed a man riding on a
7:33 pm
motorcycle ruled incompetent to stand trial. a massachusetts judge ruled the defendant was up able to understand the court process because of his, quote, unique cultural background, end quote, and the language barrier. former federal prosecutor, good to have you here. first, reaction to a seven-year sentence for somebody who messes with the president's tell prompter seems foul. >> i'm sure everybody heard it and said, what, are you kidding me, search years? add details here. not only did they steal the teleprompter, but the whole truck that had all the equipment inside of the truck, and he's done this 14 other times before, so the state essentially gave him an offer of, hey, we'll wrap it together, but you have to do seven years. looking at it that way, it's not
7:34 pm
as bad as you thinking but, man, did he have bad lock for stealing the president's stuff. lou: it was a rotten deal. he might have noted those presidential seals on the truck. >> well, you'd think so, and as you say, he stole something that can't be lived without. i liked that. legally, seriously, what happened was just to work off monica's point, they immunized him for crimes in a row. point two, when the criminal history is high, obviously, and this was in federal court. the federal sentence literally has offense top to bottom from the left, and as you move right, the sentence goes up. lou: to make it easy on the judge? >> exactly. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> yeah. lou: turn to something tragic, illegal imgrant, as i said, driving drunk. he hit and dragged the massachusetts man to his death, ruledded inexe tent to stand trial because of unique cultural
7:35 pm
-- >> no, no, no -- lou: differences. it's bizarre. >> it's not correct legal test. the legal test is can you understand what you're charged with, and can you meaningful communicate with the lawyer. has nothing to do with the language you speak. i've been in courts with farsc, hebrew, english, french. the cultural aspect is irrelevant, but if the interpreter is not competent, that's mixes apples and oranges. lou: sounds like the judge is incompetent. what duke? >> it's blown out. what it means is he doesn't understand what's going on like we said. all you have is give him an interpreter, give him somebody to sit with him, to speak his language, to explain to him what's going op in the process to help defend himself, and there you go, rehabilitated, and we can have the trial. lou: the judge, though, is
7:36 pm
insistent on the unique cultural disadvantage, and at the same time, the prosecutors face something of a disadvantage. i know in court, they are referred to as the defendants' disadvantage, but a passenger in his pickup truck, a -- who had been detained by the immigration and customs enforcement because they suspected he was here illegally, they put a bracelet op as -- on his ankle, i guess, so he cut it and left the united states. >> i was going to mention that. what's been described as an important witness who was in the vehicle basically -- >> an eyewitness. >> fled, an eye witness, and that's right, it throws -- lou: what kind of idiot -- no, i'll rephrase that. why would someone think that a person involved in this case with the opportunity to flee and perfect place to flee, to his homeland, would not do so, monica? >> well, i think in really is a break down in the monitoring.
7:37 pm
he had a bracelet op, and when they talked to him in the first place, they thought that the bracelet was still on, but it was not. he had cut it off. how did they not know he cut it off? that just shows how inept the monitoring system is, so, of course, he's afraid he was going to get deported or worse so he takes off. cuts the bracelet, takes off. they should have caught that before he left. lou: franklin's, a republic, if you can keep it, it doesn't look very good for the keeping it part, does it? >> no, as pointed out, i mean, makes the system look material. i agree with you. lou: thank you very much, monica, thank you. we appreciate it. up next, gold prices plunge on the day raising questions about the metals claim to safe haven. hell lone joins u directer of commodities research for td securities. he's here next. [ male announcer ] how can power conmption in china,
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lou: markets posting strong gains, up 2%, but gold plunging to the lowest level since 20 # 1 # 1. joins us now with the outlook for gold, the markets, and the economy, director of u.s. research and strategy for td securities. great to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. lou: normally, i start with the stock market, but what we are watching is so dramatic, it -- the idea that we can watch gold sell off at this rate is stopping. what's going op? >> well, i think what's seen now is the speculative froth in gold essentially dispated. the sharp rise in gold we had since 2008, and, in fact, even with approaching the bear market, up over a hundred percent from 2008. clearly, that's been driven by imperative the. one is the believe there's continued global financial
7:42 pm
market and political uncertainty. some of that has dispated over the past few months, and the second em pertive is concern of global central banks will show up in this civilized and global inflation. that's not happened yet. lou: you know, if you'd told me we'd watch the bank of japan come with 1.4 trillion in surplus, that the united states is three years into this, i would have told you gold is just, you know, blowing but the roof. instead, we watch it recede in the face of all of this stimulus, which is just throwing conventional thinking op its ear, doesn't it? >> yeah, i think it's entirely consistent. the reason why global central banks do what they do is because they are faced with a structural phenomena not seen in some time, and despite their best effort, the feds, for example, increased the balance sheet by $2 trillion, and here inflation is
7:43 pm
below their target and expect it below target in the medium term. clearly, the environment is such that it's not conducive for inflation. will we have an acceleration in inflation in the medium to longer term? it's feasible because the pieces are in place for that. we clearly know that global central bank. lou: where does gold go from here? >> i think over the medium term and near to medium term, stabilization in gold prices. lou: meaning lower? >> well, lower as some of the speculative froth continues to come out of it, but economic fundamentals, based on our expectations for some level of high inflation tolerance of global central banks that perhaps would provide some leg for goal in the medium to longer term. lou: bull in the market, will the bull run continue? >> it's quite applause l. i mean, there's two driving forces for the market at this point. clearly, the domestic
7:44 pm
fundamentals at this point, not necessarily justify the record we've seen day in and day out in equities, but if expectations that the economy is passed the worth, and the fact there's money that sit idly on the sidelines moving into risky assets, if that continues, then i think it's plausible we continue to see an upturn in the crisis. again, that's just by the fact that we have $2 trillion of additional monetary stimulus that the fed provided. lou: powerful amount of support. thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much for having me. lou: appreciate it. up next, we love hearing from you. go to for the link to the facebook page, e-mail me at lou, and one high school teacher forces the students to participate in a lesson that could upset folks, and you'll meet the two leaders of think modo, which is, it is
7:45 pm
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lou: conservatives hammers president accusing him of exploiting the sandy hook shooting by asking a newtown's victim's mother to deliver his white house radio address, and the only other time a president passed on his weekly address when he was out of the country, and the vice president filled in. meanwhile, critics blast democratic senator, richard blumenthal of connecticut, after thrfs a fundraising e-mail references sandy hook asking supporters to, quote, please contribute $5 now as they debate
7:49 pm
on common sense gun legislation this week. no comment when asked if it was insensitive in his judgment. fox's "american idol" continues to reign at the top, almost 13 million viewers tunedded in last night to watch the only remaining male con contestant gt sent home. first time in the show's long history, the final five are women. by the way, idolfuls the number one show on television last night. it's been the number one show on wednesday evenings, season to date, averaging 16 million viewers. you wouldn't know that, would you? reading some of the, well, trade nonsense. up next, the advertising industry's gone viral. how the internet is transforming the way some companies advertise and improving their bottom line at the same time. next. ♪ [ male announcer ] in your lifetime,
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♪ [screaming] ♪ >> call the police! lou: that video gathered 6 million youtube views part of viral marketing campaign inspired, created by our next guest joining us now, the co-founders of the viral marketing firm, think modo. james and michael, good to have you both here. i mean, that's -- we're watching people react on the web to what would you do if you were watching a murder in progress, and i love the fact you decided
7:54 pm
at some point you'd have people who didn't react at all. i love the people that, well, murder in progress, i have to get the milk. i mean, that's an extraordinary response, but it's a response that you guys are used to; right? james? >> we create scenarios that are really engaging, and not only end gauges for the people in the moment, but more so for the viewers, and across the board, this is what we do to attract audiences and introduce them to the clients. lieu lie lie my -- lou: michael, what inspired it? i know the movie was the purpose of it, but what inspired you? >> a dark and gritty thriller, along the theme of the movie where there's a key scene of the strangulation happening, so we did a real life social experiment and do that water cooler conversation what would you do if you witness that? it's a really fascinating engaging thing we wanted to see what would people do in that
7:55 pm
situation. >> i'd want to be behind the lady with the umbrella. >> her to be your friend. lou: absolutely. she was taking charge. hoping did it take to shoot the video? g quick, a course of a view days. lou: that quick, really? >> we work fast. lou: that's fitting for the web and for what you're trying to do. >> our as thetic is difference than a commercial, and oftentimes, the camera we use is less expensive than the meal that we serve. lou: let me -- i have to confess, i was unaware of the most famous of all the videos, and here it is, and see what these two created to drive a product. you'll never guess what the product is, i'm sure. >> pop. yeah. well, i'm doing this thing. no, it's pretty cool.
7:56 pm
♪ >> the one thing that never changes about popcorn is how people eat it and get it in their mouths. ♪ it is a fully automated voice activated, and when you say pop, it figures out where the sound came from, where the word "pop" came from. >> it uses a microphone system. >> we started testing it around the office, had it in lunches and meetings, and people were skeptical. i was one of those people, but now everyone loves it. lou: james, the product you drive here is? >> popcorn indiana. lou: i'm one of the people, i suppose, millions who would like to have a one of those as well with the popcorn, indiana. what was the result of your clients? give us the metric of success. >> as that traffic, that web traffic is exploding, went up by
7:57 pm
a thousand of a percent, and their facebook page gained new fans, thee most talked about brand, and that was the problem, that there were not, you know, on top of any other major brand, they just wanted the awareness, and we give them that and more. lou: keeping with the weekend's festivities and the masters, we thought bubba watson who won last year's masters, might be the appropriate to go to right now. well, there he is now! what would you call that? >> that is a golf cart hovercraft, and it's the world's first hovercraft that is a hybrid golf cart. lou: what are the decals on the back there? >> rhymes with oakley. lou: and the hovercraft, i think, is a great idea as well. by the way, i have oakley glasses, partial to them, but i
7:58 pm
have to say, that looked like something every golfer should have. what's been the reaction? >> life intimidates art. we saw they want it in a christmas catalog. lou: belongs there, doesn't it? spl -- >> absolutely. lou: how is the client responding to this? what's the reaction? how you -- this is a relationship, obviously, between you guys, your company, and your clients. how does this continue? >> we got a call from oakley after the video launched a few days before the masters, and they said we have never seen anything like this. this the thee most powerful market initiative we have ever, ever seen, and it impress the and increased their awareness even in the masters, thee most talk about brand, and announced their relationship with bubba, the new sponsorship, just wonderful. lou: i got to know, who came up with the idea of the vw1, this
7:59 pm
hovercraft on the golf course? i love that idea. >> we collaborate on everything we do, and the proof of the effectiveness is that oakley's web traffic and sales went up 40% in the first day of the video. lou: i got to ask you, the think modo, what's the origin of that, your trade style? >> like everything else, we created it. it's a word that just had a cool sound, and the url happened to be vail. lou: what do you think of that one? does it seem like a ripoff to you? the wall behind you, does it look like a ripoff? i kind of like it. you know? >> maybe it's a subsidiary of us. what do you think? >> we're not sure you can get away with that. lou: all right. we'll negotiate the remainder of the show. james, michael, thank you very much for being here, much success, thinkmodo, i don't know what it means, but i know one


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